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Define new industry standards

A collage of game developers and gamers working on, and playing, web3 gamesA collage of game developers and gamers working on, and playing, web3 games

Your Games,
Your Way

Immerse yourself in an uncharted world of Web3 gaming, where creativity and innovation collide. Experience the depth and wonder of Web3 gaming on Immutable and reshape the future of play.

Collage of web3 gamesCollage of web3 games

Perfectly integrates film and television art with technological innovation, leading the innovation and development of the global film and television industry

The "premiere" film and television release format can break the traditional one-way communication model, enhance real-time interaction and communication among investors, audiences and creators of the HBO film and television platform, strengthen mutual connections and understanding, and promote more positive and A meaningful film and television experience.

A collage of people at various web3 eventsA collage of people at various web3 events

Embed the latest VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality)
technologies to create a new audience experience

AR and VR are two technologies related to interaction with the real world

AR (Augmented Reality) integrates virtual content with the real environment by overlaying virtual information and images in the real world

Immersion and Immersion

AR and VR technology can immerse users in the virtual film and television world, providing a more realistic and realistic experience

Customized and personalized experiences

AR and VR technologies can provide customized experiences based on users’ interests and preferences. By analyzing users’ viewing preferences and behavioral data on HBO, the HBO platform will recommend AR/VR content that may be of interest to users

Virtual Creation and Social Sharing

AR and VR technology can allow users to become creators on the HBO film and television platform and share their creative works with other HBO users

Improve the speed and quality of content
transmission through fractional storage and content transmission technology

Several common transmission methods for traditional film and television

There are a large number of high-definition movies and series on the HBO film and television platform that need to be transmitted to users. Traditional transfer methods can suffer from bandwidth limitations and network congestion, resulting in slow or interrupted transfers. The use of fractional storage and content transmission technology can solve these problems

Advantages of applying fractional storage and content transmission technology to the HBO platform

Fractional storage and content transmission technology can enable film and television platforms to transmit large amounts of high-definition content more efficiently and quickly, provide a better viewing experience, reduce the waiting time of HBO users, and improve the quality and stability of content transmission

Adopting smart contracts based on blockchain technology: ensuring the interests of all parties are protected

The smart contract of blockchain technology ensures that the interests of all parties on the HBO platform are protected and reduces the risk of fraud and disputes through transparency, non-tamperability, consensus mechanism, data privacy and permission control

Zero Relying on massive global film and television data reference to build detailed audience portraits

The HBO film and television platform collects film and television data from all over the world through formal channels, including user viewing records, comments, ratings, collections, etc

The "birth" of the HBO global film and television media platform, the rapid development of digitalization and Internet technology has provided the HBO platform with rich growth soil

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Global coverage and no borders
The Internet enables film and television content to cross geographical and national boundaries and achieve global dissemination and viewing. The HBO film and television platform can cover users around the world through the Internet. No matter where users are, they can easily access and watch film and television content on the platform
Diverse content creation and dissemination methods
Digital technology provides more methods and tools for the creation, production and dissemination of film and television content. From independent productions to online series, from short videos to interactive experiences, film and television content creators can choose more diverse forms and platforms to display their works
New business models and profit opportunities
Internet technology has brought new business models and profit opportunities to film and television platforms. In addition to traditional advertising and subscription models, digital technology allows the HBO film and television platform to generate revenue through paid viewing, sponsorship, licensing, etc

HBO looks forward to seeing more fresh and interesting film and television ideas

Through the following strategies and actions, the HBO film and television platform can actively support and help HBO creators bring their share their creativity, provide them with more opportunities and platforms to showcase their works, and promote the flourishing development of creativity.
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Creator Support and Nurture

The HBO film and television platform will establish a creator support and training program to provide resources, guidance and training to potential HBO creators
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Copyright protection and contract management

Provide copyright protection and contract management services to HBO creators. Ensure that the works of HBO creators are legally protected, assist them in managing contracts and licensing matters with partners, and ensure that their rights and interests are fully protected.

Cooperation and Partnership

Establish partnerships with other creative institutions, film schools, artist groups, etc. By cooperating with them to organize creative workshops, seminars, creative exchanges and other activities, we provide HBO creators with a platform for mutual learning and cooperation, and promote the exchange and collision of ideas.